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Company culture

  • Our company culture is débrouillard, which means we have a can-do, entrepreneurial mindset; we get things done against all odds; we build and create new things
  • We have a strong track record in strategy projects, understanding markets and value chains, player interactions as well as trends and dynamics in both technical and commercial dimensions
  • We are driven by the quest for insights and are known for our ability to derive and discuss insights and conclusions on top of facts and information
  • We have the willingness to commit to a clear statement if convinced; confidence levels of facts obtained will be openly exposed; integrity is a standard we will never compromise
  • We do not enter client company politics; we focus on convincing through objective insights; clients decide how to use the results of our work
  • We have a never-give-up attitude and will always find alternative and innovative ways
  • Débrouillage is a meritocracy: the better idea always beats rank, tenure with the company, formal education etc. We therefore listen to specialists and practice constructive conflict.
  • Being owner-entrepreneurs, the best for the company and our own interests match
  • We make attractive business opportunities happen